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ModTech System Technology - Efficient and Portable

If on a daily basis, you feel bombarded by noise and distractions, CPS and Canadian Made Modular Office Systems called ModTech System will allow you the peace you need. No longer will you have to worry about misunderstanding co-workers, not hearing phone conversations, and other irritants caused by dual workspace. With Modular Building Systems – ModTech and its Sound Stopping technology, outside noises will no longer be a hindrance. A Portable Modular Office Buildings is the quick, easy and economical way to create extra office space.

Portable Buildings and Modular Buildings - Plug-In Plant Offices

When You Need To Get Away From The Noise And Confusion… Get a Canadian Made Modular Plug-In Plant Offices (A little peace & quiet for your plant management).

Our Modular Plug-In Plant Offices interior use MK IV and the exterior/interior use MK VII  and are completely pre-built and delivered to you through our Fast Track Scheduling System.  CPS can produce, deliver and place your standard built structure by forklift within 10 working days of your Design/Drawing approval.  Unlike permanent structures, CPS mobile office units mean no construction delays and because the units are pre-wired, they simply connect to existing utilities, ready to do business the same day.

When you take delivery of a Mark IV or Mark VII portable, you’re getting a strong, quality built product that will give you maximum protection inside and out against rain, snow, noise, heat or the hazards of the work environment.


Fully customizable Backyard Office Space are perfect for these times. Our prefabricated backyard office will allow you the peace you need for meetings with Customers, Colleagues, and Clients or if you need a space for your Music Studio or Meditation Practice. The stylish Modular Backyard Office can help you achieve your desired goals and most of all from a comfortable environment, your backyard!!  

With Modular Building Systems Sound Stopping technology, outside noises will no longer be a hindrance. A Backyard Office Building is the quick, easy and economical way to create extra office space.CPS

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Errol Francis
Errol Francis
September 16, 2021.
Best place to find portable structures in Burlington Ontario
Lucky gibson
Lucky gibson
May 18, 2019.
July 12, 2018.
Very professional company. Not only did they work with my specific needs but have a professional team that can work to efficiency. Cost competitive; especially for my business needs. A few friends told me about the company from the USA (of all places) and I am based in Ontario!