Product Specifications


Single 4mm clear glass is installed in standard partially glazed wall panels. Glass is 20” (508 mm) or 44” (1118 mm)  wide  x 40” (1016 mm) depending on panel width.  Window sill is installed 39” (991 mm) above finished floor level.  Size and type of glass and height of sill may be varied to suit customer’s application.

Assembled Wall Panels

Insulated sandwich wall panels are available solid, pre-glazed or with pre-hung doors.  Panels may be mounted on existing plant floor, mezzanine floor or (optional) sub-floor.

ModTech Panels are 2 ½” (64 mm) thick.  Panel widths are 2’ (610 mm) and 4’ (1220 mm).  Standard panels are 8’ (2538 mm). Optional heights to 12’ (3048 mm). Non-standard widths for custom sized buildings are also available.

ModTech HD  Panels are 3 1/2” (89 mm) thick.  Panel widths are 2’ (610 mm) and 4’(1220 mm). Panel heights are available from 8’ (2538 mm) to 16’ (4877 mm).


Modular panels are framed and trimmed with extruded aluminum with a 5 micron clear anodized satin finish.  Unique ModTech design provides for strong, rigid structures in all sizes.  ModTech HD panels offer extra strength to accept second storeys, roof storage or other load bearing requirements.

Interior And Exterior Surfaces

Maintenance free Melamine Plastic Laminates (MCP) for interior and exterior wall surface finishes.  Finishes are impact resistant, do not show scratches or dents and clean up with a damp cloth.  Enameled steel exterior and vinyl faced drywall interior surface finishes are also available.

Panel Insulation (STC 40)

Rigid insulation: ModTech standard 2” (50 mm) and ModTech HD standard 3” (76 mm) provides for an approximate 25 db reduction in noise levels for normal manufacturing plant frequency ranges.  For extra sound proofing, specify the CPS Noise Reduction Package or the superior CPS Sound Stop Package. 

Pre-Hung Doors

Pre-hung insulated steel door 1 ¾” x 3’ x 6’ 8” (914 mm x 2032 mm) with 22” x 36” single glass light, keyed lock, adjustable sweep sill and aluminum threshold.


Standard roof loading capacity 20 lbs. / sq. ft. preformed galvanized metal roof deck.  Anodized aluminum fascia channel.  Closed cell foam closure strip to seal edge joints and reduce noise infiltration.  (Roof / ceiling may be deleted for open top applications).

Ceiling Construction

Suspended system with metal “T” bar grid and 2’ x 4’ (610 mm x 1219 mm) acoustic lay-in ceiling tiles.

Electrical Package

Standard electrical package includes surface mounted 1’ x 4’ (305 mm x 1219 mm) fluorescent light fixtures, switches, duplex electrical receptacles, 100 amp 1P circuit breaker panel and BX cable wiring.  All wiring is concealed behind snap-on wall seam cover plates providing ready access for changes or repairs to the electrical system.  Joints between wall panels for a floor to ceiling wireway.  This wireway is covered with a colour matched vinyl batten to conceal all wiring.  Further outlets can be added at any time, without disturbing the wall panels, by simply removing vinyl batten, installing wiring and boxes and replacing snap-on cover batten.

  • Overview

    Two Models to Cover all Your Needs


    ModTech systems answer your plant office requrements for most industrial and commercial applications.

    ModTech HD
    When the job calls for  two storeys, ceiling heights over 10’, or roof… Read More +

  • Typical Applications

    • Plant management offices
    • Shipping / receiving offices
    • Single and multiple unit plant offices
    • Lunch rooms
    • Partitions
    • Equipment enclosures
    • CMM rooms
    • Testing labs and quality control rooms
    • Nursing or first aid stations
    Read More +
  • Product Specifications


    Single 4mm clear glass is installed in standard partially glazed wall panels. Glass is 20” (508 mm) or 44” (1118 mm)  wide  x 40” (1016 mm) depending on panel width.  Window sill is installed 39”… Read More +

  • Sound Stop Specifications

    CPS Sound Stop is recommended for plant areas with high noise levels.  The CPS Sound Stop system reduces noise by increasing the mass of the walls and roof – breaking the noise vibration… Read More +

  • Sizes and Floor Plans

    The ModTech System Is Available In Standard Sizes Or Custom Designs.

    The flexibility of CPS Modular Systems allows you to have your building your way at no extra cost.  These floor plans show a… Read More +

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