The interior use MK IV and the exterior/interior use MK VII are completely pre-build and delivered to you through our Fast Track Scheduling System.  CPS can produce, deliver and place your structure by… Read More +

  • Standard Options -PLUG-IN PLANT OFFICES

    • Air conditioner units. Wall or roof mounted
    • Provision for future air conditioner
    • Baseboard electric heaters
    • Forced air electric heaters (wall or ceiling mounted)
    • Gas / propane heaters
    • Exhaust / Intake fans
    • Phone / computer / communications (EMH)… Read More +
  • Special Options -PLUG-IN PLANT OFFICES

    • Two storey units
    • Custom layouts and sizes
    • Counters, plan tables, work stations, storage cabinets
    • Various exterior finish treatments
    • Interior partitions
    • Steel stairs, mezzanines, elevated support platforms
    • Lighted exit signs
    • Emergency lights
    • Air cleaners / purifiers / clean room equipment
    • Humidity control
    • Water cooled air conditioners
    • Smoke… Read More +
  • Available Colours-PLUG-IN PLANT OFFICES

    Mark IV and Mark VII portable plant offices come in all colours, shapes and sizes for any application.  

    Your CPS portable structure can be in our choice of twelve different colours.  For maximum… Read More +

  • Sound Stop Options-PLUG-IN PLANT OFFICES

    For areas with excessive noise, such as in manufacturing areas with noise levels approaching or above 100 db., CPS offers the exclusive Sound Stop 50 (Sound Transmission Class 50) and Sound Stop 60… Read More +

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