Backyard Office

Prefab Backyard Office Shed

A Modular Backyard Office can give a boost to your productivity and the fresh air can lift your mood.

Enjoy the advantages of a Backyard home office. A prefabricated backyard office shed from Canadian Portable Structures is a great alternative to a room in your home. It provides an isolated space that is free from all distractions. You can have your new commute in your backyard, which will give you the space and freedom to work from home.

Our modern world demands that we think differently. You can easily commute to your backyard office shed in just seconds without having to leave the comfort of your home. Everyone needs a place to be active. You can make your backyard your own Yoga Studio, Music Studio, or Home Office, by building a Backyard Office Shed right outside your back door.

We deliver the most popular designs to your doorstep in just weeks. You can choose the right size, color, and option for your home office, studio or backyard retreat.

The Benefits of a Backyard Office Studio

Prefab backyard offices from Canadian Portable Structures are quickly becoming a popular Modular Structure. These home office sheds are available in a variety of sizes and can be tailored to your space. There are many options for window and door orientations to let in natural light. They can be made from a variety of materials and are shipped to your home directly from our Burlington factory. The installation of the most popular sizes takes less than two weeks. This includes all interior finishes and electrical connections. This is the fastest and easiest way to enjoy a four-season office space in your backyard.

Prefabricated backyard offices sheds add value to your house. It’s a much more valuable asset than off-site space and one that you can enjoy for many years. Many homeowners have discovered that their Backyard Office has increased the value of their home by more than what they paid.

Prefab Backyard Offices – Future of Work-From-Home

CPS can produce, your design from a variety of prefabricated, well-crafted, and modular backyard spaces which are prepared in our manufacturing facility on-site, and ready for deliver and installation.

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CPS Backyard Offices
 provide an efficient, climate controlled headquarters for you Home Business, Yoga Studio or Chill Out Place security personnel.  A variety of styles and sizes are available.

Product Specifications

Floor Frame

Structural wood floor joists and multi-ply beams to suit 50 lbs/sq.ft. floor loading and span.  5/8” thick panel T&G sub-floor fastened securely (glued and nailed for added strength) to floor joists.  

Standard Exterior Colours

All CPS Backyard Offices are available with vertical steel siding, factory enamelled in a choice of 5 attractive colours, plus brick veneer on large custom models.

For custom designs and pricing contact our head Designer

Standard Options-BACKYARD OFFICE

Air conditioner units wall or roof

Provision for future air-conditioner

Forced air electric heaters (wall or ceiling)

Gas/propane heaters

Phone/computer (EMT) conduit

Dimmer controls for interior lighting

Additional electrical outlets

Special door hardware, closers, panic exit, locks, kick plates

Additional doors