Modtech Systems

If on a daily basis, you feel bombarded by noise and distractions, CPS and Canadian Made Modular Office Systems called ModTech System will allow you the peace you need. No longer will you have to worry about misunderstanding co-workers, not hearing phone conversations, and other irritants caused by dual workspace. With Modular Building Systems – ModTech and its Sound Stopping technology, outside noises will no longer be a hindrance. A Portable Modular Office Buildings is the quick, easy and economical way to create extra office space.



Two Models to Cover all Your Needs


ModTech systems answer your plant office requirements for most industrial and commercial applications.

ModTech HD
When the job calls for  two storeys, ceiling heights over 10’, or roof

Typical Applications

Plant management offices

Shipping / receiving offices

Single and multiple unit plant offices

Lunch rooms


Equipment enclosures

CMM rooms

Testing labs and quality control rooms

Nursing or first aid stations


Single 4mm clear glass is installed in standard partially glazed wall panels. Glass is 20” (508 mm) or 44” (1118 mm)  wide  x 40” (1016 mm) depending on panel width.  Window sill is installed 39”

Sizes and Floor Plans

The ModTech System Is Available In Standard Sizes Or Custom Designs.

The flexibility of CPS Modular Systems allows you to have your building your way at no extra cost.  These floor plans show a

Sound Stop Specifications

CPS Sound Stop is recommended for plant areas with high noise levels.  The CPS Sound Stop system reduces noise by increasing the mass of the walls and roof – breaking the noise vibration